The truth about me

My name is Mickey and I’m a Border Collie x Pointer or some other mixture. I’m about two years old according to my microchip, but my teeth are very good for my age, according to the vet, so no one knows the truth.

I live in London, but I came from Allsorts Dog Rescue near Brighton and before that I had a life that the humans are a bit vague about. I can’t remember either but it can’t have been too bad because I’m house trained and I don’t bite.

My forever family includes my mum – Jo, the author, my dad – Andrew, the cyclist, my step-sister – Eleanor (although she thinks she is also my mum but doesn’t look after me as well as Jo), and my reluctant step brother – Cedric. I’ve lived with them since June 2014.

Two cats live here too but they don’t like me much so I’ve never bothered being friends with them. I don’t know why they hate me because all I’ve ever done is try and play chase with them. Chase is the best game in the world and I can’t understand why they are so grumpy about it.

I’ve decided to write this blog to put my side of the story. I’m not mad. I’m just misunderstood. Hope you keep dropping by to see what I have to bark about.

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