Help! I’m an Alien, by Jo Franklin, has landed in a bookshop near you.

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Daniel Kendal is different – different to the other Kendals and different to every kid in his class.
For a start, he’s taller than his family, his friends and probably everyone else in the entire world. His favourite drink is chocolate milkshake with gravy sprinkles and he loves to eat Weetabix covered in baked beans. He’s weird and he knows it.
When his incredibly annoying big sister Jessie tells him that he is an alien, abandoned on earth and adopted by their human parents, he believes her.
How is alien Daniel going to get back to his home planet when he is surrounded by humans?
Luckily he has two best friends to help him. With Freddo and Gordon the Geek by his side, what can possibly go wrong?


Help I’m an Alien is  published by Troika books and is available in all bookshops. Ask the bookseller to order you a copy if you can’t find it on the shelf. Or you can order it online.

Jo Franklin Children's Author

Photo by Liz Emerson

I’m Jo Franklin – children’s author, stationery addict and chocoholic.

I write children’s books. Some are funny, some crazy and some might make you cry.
I love to meet my readers and I’m available for school visits, talks and author appearances at libraries, bookshops and festivals.

I am represented by Anne Clark at www.anneclarkliteraryagency.co.uk


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