My Writing Process – Third Draft

The third draft should be easy. I’ve planned, I’ve edited, I’ve spotted and solved every problem. The comments from my agent tend to be minor and easy to fix. I should be able to do the third draft in a matter of days.
However sometimes my agent spots something more fundamental. If this is the case, I go back to first draft mindset and run through my whole writing process again. 


My agent, Anne Clark, was an editor for many years. I respect her views and always try to address the issues she raises. She is the first professional editor to look at the manuscript but she is also my sales executive. She has to have total confidence in me and my work to be able to sell it. 
We are a team. We work together to get my manuscript right enough to convince a publisher to publish it.

But luckily I don’t usually have to make too many changes to the third draft. I might add a line to strengthen a character or crank up the tension another notch.
And then I’m done. I’ve made every change I’m going to make at this stage, my To Do list is empty and I’m dying to work on something else for a change.
It’s time to hand my book over to Anne, who either forwards it to my publisher if the book is already under contract or she starts her process of submitting it to publishers hoping to find someone who loves it as much as we do. I try and forget all about that book and start pinning cards on the board to develop a new story

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