I Don’t Like the Rain

I really hate it when it rains. For a start it messes with my hair.

mickey with wet hair snipped

Rain is cold and wet. My friends must agree with me because when Mum took me to the park there was no one there for me to play with. I kept to the bushes where the raindrops couldn’t get to me but Mum kept calling me to play ball with her on the football pitch.

She must be mad! The football pitch is totally open to the elements, there is no shelter. There is nowhere to hide from the rain. The grass is also wet and because there are some bald patches where the goals used to be, there is a lot of mud too. That mud splashes up and makes my fur dirty.

I don’t like the rain.

When we came home I curled up on the sofa and pretended to be asleep all day so she wouldn’t force me back outside. When I woke up it was still raining. We went for a walk in the woods which wasn’t too bad and when we got home I found my ball and entertained myself.

I think Mum was pleased with me in the end

One thought on “I Don’t Like the Rain

  1. Caringdog.com says:

    Aw, darling – I don’t like the rain either. I mean, why does it have to be rainy and wet and slippery, right? My pup on the other hand, LOVES it, though! She loves running in puddles and getting drenched.

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