A Writer’s Friends

I belong to a few different writing communities, but the one I couldn’t do without is my crit group. Over the years the membership has changed slightly, but today in May 2015 the members are Alli Jeronimus, Jennifer Miles, Tasha Kavanagh and Emma Styles. We meet monthly and discuss a chapter or two of each of our work.

We are a team. We each give our individual feedback and then discuss the work as a group. There are often similarities in what we are saying. Occasionally there are big differences, but we all come to our meetings with an open heart. We want to help each other succeed. The crit group team celebrate and commiserate together.

This week was a particularly lovely celebration. Tasha’s novel ‘Things We Have in Common’ has hit the shelves to wide critical acclaim. It’s an absolute chiller of a book. Not one I could have written, but I am so proud to call Tasha a friend and so proud that the book was developed with the support of our crit group.

Well done Tasha!

Things we have in common snipped

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