Aliens Invade Cheapside

by Jo Franklin, Children’s Author

An alien invasion was reported at Daunt Books, Cheapside, London on Wednesday 8th June at approximately 6.30 pm.
Two aliens were spotted serving cakes to a bookshop packed with hungry customers.

Alien invasion

We come in peace. Anyone for a brownie?

“We were having a party to celebrate the launch of my book Help I’m an Alien when real live aliens appeared from nowhere,” confused author Jo Franklin reports. “They tried to make friends with the book buying public by serving them fluorescent green cup cakes.”

Aliens reading

‘Have you seen the joke on page 45?’ ‘No, I’m only up to page 17.’

Publisher Martin West said “In my 45 year career in publishing, I have never known an alien attend a book launch. I think we ignore the intergalactic reading market at our peril.”

The aliens seemed to be a peaceful species and were last seen disappearing into a black cab in the direction of South East London.

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