Things I didn’t know in the 80’s

Following on from my post about the dream of owning a writer’s shack I found myself thinking more about the differences between my dreams of being a writer and the reality.

Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath

If you read the About Me page, you will see that Sylvia Plath was a great inspiration. She was even more nuts than me, she was able to write about it and sell her work. I wanted to be her. As it turned out the reality of being a published author is completely different to my dream. It is much better.



Some things I didn’t know when I wanted to be a writer in the eighties

  • You don’t have to be dead to be famous.
  • Most writers aren’t famous.
  • Most writers don’t want to be recognisably famous as they sometimes do the school run in their pyjamas.
  • Writing strictly autobiographical stories about your rubbish love life is totally cringeworthy.
  • Writer’s butt is worse than writer’s block. It sticks out behind you and makes your skirt shorter at the back than the front.
Some butts are bigger than others

Some butts are bigger than others

  • Some friends will beg to be in your books.
  • Some friends will stop being your friend, in case you put them in your book.
  • Some friends will unfriend you when you do put them in your book.

Being a writer isn’t all writing sheds and roses. It is so much better than that.

Feel free to comment on what you have learnt on your writer’s journey.

2 thoughts on “Things I didn’t know in the 80’s

    • jofranklin says:

      No one you know. Someone took exception to the fact that I had named a character the same name as their child. When I explained that the character was actually dead … she didn’t speak to me for two years.

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