Reviews of Help I’m an Alien

By Jo Franklin, Children’s Author

I am so lucky that  so many people have read and enjoyed Help I’m an Alien, but the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. Many readers have also been willing to talk about the book on their websites or leave a review on Amazon.  I’ve summarised a few reviews below and provided links so you can click through and read more if you want to.

Help I'm an alien cover

Online Reviews

The Bookbag

“This is one of the funniest opening chapters that I’ve read all year … The reader immediately warms to our main character. He’s engaging and witty with a collection of insecurities that children are likely to identify with.”

Full Bookbag review here.

Lancashire Evening Post

“Being different is something to celebrate! And that’s just what warm-hearted author Jo Franklin does in the first book of what promises to be a hilarious new comedy series featuring a trio of madcap school friends.
Franklin’s own freewheeling sense of fun transfers perfectly to the page, making this anarchic, crazy, hilarious adventure one of the most entertaining books you will read this year.”

Full LEP review here.

The Book Activist

“This is a great fun story, with lots of humour (unpleasant toilet habits in particular!) and some slightly sweeter (less smelly) moments, highlighting the difficulties we all sometimes face in ‘fitting-in’. The pace of the narrative is perfectly pitched to keep the reader interested and entertained. You very quickly feel great empathy for Daniel, especially where his ‘mega-mean- ‘obnoxious’ or ‘murderous’ sister Jessie is concerned.”

Full Book Activist review here.

My Book Corner

“Jo Franklin has penned a brilliant tale of fitting in, very annoying big sisters and friends who will literally go to the ends of the Earth for you! Full of humour and feelings, Help I’m an Alien with illustrations by Aaron Blecha, is a great read for readers aged 8+.”

Full My Book Corner review here.

Nayu’s Reading Corner

“I loved the random mood generator moments for Daniel’s sister, Jessie, because she is definitely a temperamental teen with attitude.
I hope it’s not the end as I want more adventures from this crazy boy trio!’

Full Nayu’s Reading Corner review here.

Amazon Reviews

I found myself really loving Daniel and am sure loads and loads of children will enjoy this and maybe even be beguiled into reading if they weren’t keen before.

Hilarious start to a new series.

***** A brilliant tale of fitting in, annoying big sisters and friends who will literally go to the ends of the Earth for you!
***** Thoroughly recommend it for your children and quite frankly, for the parents too, particularly if life is on a bit of a downer currently. Guaranteed to cheer you up.
***** It has a sweet, tender quality , mixed with well observed jokes about family life and the feeling all children (and adults!) can have of not quite fitting in.
***** What really makes this book zing for me is the interface between the terrific humour and a convincing story with experiences of feeling- well, quite simply, Alien
***** I thought the ranking of Bod’s friends as first best friend & second best friend was amusing – and also true to life. Some lovely illustrations too. My niece is going to love it.

More Amazon reviews here.

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