My Writing Habit


For me, good writing is all about a good writing habit. Routine is very important. I like to go swimming in the morning then I head for the library which is right next door to the swimming pool.
I need to write a chapter to feel that I’ve achieved something. That’s about 1,500 words if I’m in first draft mode. I write long hand, in fountain pen, first but always type up what I’ve written before I go home.
Writing a novel is all about re-writing and editing your work. When I’m editing the word count doesn’t mean much, it’s the number of hours that count. I like to stay in the library for between two and five hours. It’s normally hunger which drives me out.
I don’t have the internet on my laptop, but now I have a smart phone I tend to check my emails occasionally, especially if I’m waiting to hear from my agent. But I’ve taken Facebook off my phone and have given up Candy Crush Saga completely. As I keep reminding myself – I’ve got a book to write!

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