My Terrible Week

This has been the worst week of my life, ever. 

I had a bad claw. You know that one that sticks out halfway up your leg if you are a dog. It’s totally useless and I haven’t even got one on my other back leg because evolution took care of it. But the one that evolution had forgotten has been causing me problems. 

It kept on growing and growing and then it stuck out at a funny angle and then I got it caught on brambles and then it started bleeding and then Mum told me off for licking it and then it broke off and then the bit that was left puffed up and hurt me. So Mum took me somewhere to make it better.

Mum called it The Vets. Have you ever heard of it? It’s a weird place because the people are really, really nice but what they do to you is really, really horrid. 

For a start I was not allowed to eat anything all day. No food for a dog is absolute torture. Then they did a few other things to me that I don’t want to mention. They were so bad that I lost consciousness and when I woke up I felt terrible. I had a sore throat and my bad claw had turned into a bad paw. I felt so dizzy I could hardly stand and I had to walk on three legs because my bad paw was extremely BAD.

Mum came to get me. I managed to jump into the car but I couldn’t jump out. I had to be carried. I lay on the sofa and wanted to die. I could only eat my tea lying down because my legs were so wobbly and then my bad foot started swelling up.

Mum gave me something called Arnica, but the pill was so tiny it wasn’t really worth it. Then she made me sit with my bad paw on an ice pack. I didn’t like it but I felt so ill I didn’t argue.

That all happened on Monday. On Tuesday I didn’t feel so dizzy. Today is Wednesday and I feel fine except for this :

If Mum thinks I am going out looking like this, she is mistaken.

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