Help I’m an Alien (superseded)

How would you feel if you were the only alien on planet earth?

Book Help I'm an Alien BookDaniel Kendal has only just discovered that he is an alien, but being the only one on Earth makes him feel lonely and weird. If he returned to his home planet  he could go to alien school and have alien friends and he wouldn’t be weird any more. He’d be cool!

Only space travel is a bit tricky when you are ten years old. Luckily Daniel has two human friends to help him and soon he, Freddo and Gordon the Geek are on a journey of stella craziness and they end up somewhere very unexpected.

Help I’m an Alien is published by Troika Books and is available to buy from all bookshops. If it is out of stock please ask the bookseller to order it for you .


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I’m delighted that so many people have taken the time to review my book. Read some reviews here.

And here is me reading a sample from later on in the story. Don’t worry there are no spoilers.

Jo Franklin reading from Help I'm an Alien YouTube play

Still not convinced? Read Help I’m an Alien sample chapters  here

Other languages

If you are visiting my website from the USA or Germany or from another planet you may want to read Help I’m an Alien in another language.

Book I'm an Alien and I want to go home Book Hilfe ich bin ein alien

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I’m an Alien and I Want to Go Home

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Hilfe, ich bin ein Alien!



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If you speak German you can read the other titles in the series. If you don’t speak German, don’t worry, they are on the way to the UK very soon. Meanwhile, here are the German editions

Book Hilfe ich bin ein Genie Book Hilfe ich bin ein spion

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Hilfe, ich bin ein Genie

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Hilfe, ich bin ein Spion!