Book Penpals – October Newsletter

Hello Book Penpals

How are you getting on with the new term? Do you have a new class or have all your friends moved with you?

Friends are very important. Especially for authors like me. Being an author is brilliant because it means my work is also my passion. But writing books is lonely work and I have to spend many hours sitting in the library or at my desk with no one to talk to. So I love it when I get the chance to catch up with my author friends.  Here is a picture of some of my very best friends. We are at the launch party for Chitra Soundar’s picture book ‘You’re Safe With Me’ illustrated by Poonam Mistry.

We all write books for children but our books are very different. Why don’t you check our our websites to see the differences in our work.

Left to right Savita Kalhan, Anita Loughrey, Chitra Soundar, Me

I bet at school you are never alone. Do you love to run out into the playground at break and catch up with all your friends? Or do you have an indoor space like the library to chat quietly?

Today I am going to meet my critique group at lunch time to chat about what we have been writing this week and then I am meeting Anita (above) for afternoon tea. But before I go I need to pop my postcards with my book recommendations in the post.

Hope you have a good October. It will soon by half term. See you on the other side.

Best wishes

Jo Franklin

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