My Favourite School

I usually go to Peckham Rye Park for my walks. Directly opposite is my favourite school.
Harris Girls Academy Dulwich.Unfortunately Mum has this very bad habit of not letting me walk in the corner of the park by the school. I can’t understand it. The school is great and I love teenagers.
Harris Girls snipped
Harris Girls’ Academy East Dulwich

I often see the girls walking to school through the park in the morning. Sometimes they have food with them, but I have been very good and not shared their breakfast with them (yet).

The girls at this school LOVE me. As soon as I run up to say hello they start screaming! What a welcome! They screech like mad and huddle together in an excited pack waving their arms in the air. It makes me feel like I’m in One Direction. I’d give the girls my autograph if they asked me. I love having fans.

One of them asked Mum if I was a pit bull once. I don’t know what that is, but it sounds awesome.

Today I was really lucky because one of the girls asked me to chase her. I knew she wanted to play because she looked at me directly with wide eyes and then she ran away from her friends screaming like mad. I was happy to oblige so I ran after her. She wasn’t very fast but I could tell she was enjoying it by the way she kept running.

Mum is such a spoil sport. She told the girl to stand still, but luckily the girl ignored her for a while, so we had a good game until she ran back to her friends.

I enjoyed the chase so I went looking for more teenage girls to play with. I left the park, crossed the road and went into the school.

Everyone was thrilled to see me! It’s a girls’ school so I guess they were surprised to see a handsome guy like me running up and down the corridor.

They have a great cafeteria right by the door so I went in looking for a bit more breakfast. Only no one was eating. I’ll have to go back at lunchtime sometime. One of those girls is bound to want to share their lunch with a superstar like me.

Mum joined me in the cafeteria, she put me on the lead and told me to calm down. Then she took me home.

Honestly! What is her problem! So what, I like girls. Get over it!

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    HAHA, I think you really enjoyed playing with that little girl! My pup also love to play kids around the area when we go out for walks. I think she loves the attention – who doesn’t?

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