Fiction Express


I’m thrilled to announce that I have a new book in the making.

After the October half term holiday, I am going to be writing for Fiction Express. This is a brand new venture for me.

Fiction Express are an online publisher that works with schools. This is what they say about themselves on their website :

“Fiction Express for Schools e-books are published in weekly chapters at 3 pm (UK time) each Friday. At the end of every cliffhanging chapter there are voting options to decide where the plot should go next. The readers have the following Monday and Tuesday to read each chapter in school, and will vote by 3 pm on Tuesday afternoon. The author then writes the next chapter, in ‘real time’, according to what the readers chose.”

The book I’m writing is called ‘The Bushcraft Kid’. I’ve already written the first chapter which will be published on the Fiction Express website after half term. Each class that has signed up to Fiction Express will be able to read my chapter and then vote on what happens next. Then I have to write it.

Just to clarify (to myself as well as to everyone else) I have to write a brand new chapter between Tuesday evening and Friday lunchtime every week for five weeks. Holy Moly! I’ve never had to write to such a tight timescale, but I am very excited to join the Fiction Express team of authors and look forward to the challenge. Apparently, I also get to blog directly to my readers. I can’t wait to meet them all and explore the world of The Bushcraft Kid with them all.

If you want to find out more about Fiction Express click here
If you use Fiction Express in your school, I’d love to hear from you. Either Contact Me or message me the usual Fiction Express way. You know what that is. I don’t, I’m new around here.