Help I’m a Genius

What Would You Do If You Needed To Increase Your Brainpower?

Help I'm a Genius

Daniel Kendal has the smallest brain in his family and the smallest brain in the world. He knows absolutely nothing about anything.
When an unfortunate mix-up propels him into representing his school in the National Brainiac Championships, he is convinced he is heading for total humiliation.
Luckily the true genius, Gordon the Geek, is at hand to help him improve his brain power, but will it be enough to ensure that Daniel avoids the title of National Brainiac Loser?

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Help I’m a Genius Fun and Games

Geniuses or Genii – Are you brainy enough to solve the crossword?

Help I'm a Genius crossword

Touch the magic lamp and complete the crossword.

Click on me for the answers